Bold Custom Pricing | Require Customer with a Specific Tag to Have a Minimum Cart Quantity before Checkout

Bold Custom Pricing creates tags for specific groups of customers, with different price discounts available to each group (as chosen by you). When a customer logs in, the appropriate price is displayed based on their tag.

Key App Features:
- Custom Pricing is designed to create price points for different types of customers (wholesale, trade, VIP and more).
- Auto-tag customers: Assign customers to new pricing tiers when they meet specified milestones.
- Wholesale pricing: Offer wholesale and tiered pricing to select customers on your retail store.
- Tiered pricing: Create bulk discounts on selected products for any type of customer, so the more they buy the more they save.

What This Storetasker Service Includes:
- Integration of a customisation in your store which require their customers with a specific tag to reach a predefined cart quantity before checking out.