Automate Tasks for High-Risk Order in Shopify Plus

Automate Tasks for High-Risk Order in Shopify Plus


Shopify Flow is a great tool for Shopify Plus merchants to receive notifications on high-risk orders. 

We can set up Shopify Flow to automate the following actions:

  • Cancelling orders placed by specific email or IP addresses
  • Notifying you about high-risk orders before capturing payment
  • Cancelling and restocking high-risk orders

When you receive a high-risk order, we can also set up Flow to do the following tasks:

  • Tag the order so that it can be processed later and notify your staff or to send the order details to an app.
  • Prevent the payment from being processed (as long as your store is set up to capture payments manually).
  • Cancel the order (as long as the order is set up to be fulfilled manually).

We can also cancel orders based on criteria, such as the email or IP address of the customer.