How to Grow Your Online Business Despite COVID-19 with Shopify

How to Grow Your Online Business Despite COVID-19 with Shopify

By Anugraha Sundaravelu

How to Grow Your Online Business Despite COVID-19 with Shopify

2020 has been a wild one for all of us, right from COVID-19 to the ongoing issues with police brutality, to the economic recessions many countries are facing. Yet there’s never been a better time to get online and grow your brick-and-mortar business or start a new one. 


Researchers predict that 53% of retail sales are expected to move online by 2028. With e-commerce sales soaring even before the pandemic hit, businesses—especially SMEs—have had to pivot fast. For thousands of entrepreneurs, this crisis period and the pandemic have given the nudge to serve customers online. 


Shopify enables businesses to reach customers from around the world in the nearly 6.5 billion USD global eCommerce market. We’ve also seen a growth in online business sales during this year’s pandemic lockdown. According to Shopify, consumers making a purchase for the first time from Shopify merchants grew 8% between March 13 and April 24 compared with the previous six weeks. 45% of consumers were purchasing from a Shopify merchant they’ve never shopped at before. 

What makes Shopify such a great tool for merchants to weather this storm? Here are 5 key tools for growing your business online:


1. Design your store with a range of themes

    With themes created by world-renowned designers like Pixel Union and Out of Sandbox, you'll love how your website looks on Shopify. If you’re not satisfied with the themes, we work closely with brands to design and customise themes to meet their business needs.


    2. Shop Local, Reach Global

    Shopify offers online store checkout in more than 50 languages, so you can always translate your store's theme to suit your needs. We also help brands with equipping their Shopify stores to handle multiple currencies and languages


    3. Subscriptions Bring Repeat Revenue

        Another trend to emerge during the pandemic was customers’ preference for subscription and recurring purchase options. According to research by Recharge, 57% of consumers would opt for a monthly subscription model if given the choice. For Shopify merchants, this meant a steady cash flow. While traditionally used by food and drink merchants, the feature works well for clothing, accessories and beauty industries.


        4. Fashion Brands and Custom Sizing

        Since February, the Fashion and Apparel sector has seen the largest number of businesses opening eCommerce sites, with 8,665 clothing companies adding online payment methods and new eCommerce technology. 


        With the fashion industry becoming more conscious about cost-efficient logistics, there’s been increasing attention on better ways to matching customers to their sizes in order to minimize product returns. We at R&Co Developers work with fashion brands to develop custom sizing solutions to meet business needs.


        5. Flexible Delivery Options

        Now more than ever, customers are willing to be flexible and Shopify allows your business to be too. At the end of February, only 2% of brick-and-mortar Shopify merchants were using some form of local in-store or curbside pickup and delivery solution. This number has since gone up to 26% with US click-and-collect eCommerce sales projected to jump 60.4% to $58.52 billion in 2020.

          Shopify’s new curbside pickup and click-and-collect features have made customers happy to shop while ensuring zero to minimal contact during delivery. This has been particularly helpful for businesses that sell perishable items like food where people could place an order online and safely pick it up from a store in seconds. 

            Shopify provides a wide range of tools enabling you to adapt to a different e-commerce market. With our team of designers, developers and business consultants here at R&Co Developers, we make it easy for you to get the best of Shopify to build your business.